Tuesday, October 26, 2010


YAY!!! It's official!!! We have been approved!!! NOW.... all we need is a baby! :) So I am pretty sure EVERYONE knows that we started the Adoption process and after 10 months of A TON of paperwork we are officially ready for Birth Mom's to view our profile. For everyone who isn't familiar with the process of LDS Adoption Services.... we are approved but have to be chosen by a Birth Mom. The average wait is around 2 years so we are hoping all of our friends and family will keep us in mind and help in passing our information along. We are so excited to be this far and anxiously wait for the day we can bring home a baby.

To view our Adoption Info log onto www.itsaboutlove.org and our Profile ID 24630594 or search by our names.

Football...Football... & MORE Football....

It's that time of year again....!!!! FOOTBALL!!! Tyler cheered again for an Optimist Football team and is still loving cheer more then anything which is a good thing because they bumped practice up to 3 nights a week (6 hours) and she was one busy little girl. Tanner played Flag football this year and he has decided that he loves to play Center even though the Coach said he makes a better Tight End. (I still don't know what either of those positions are) He loved learning new plays and loves to "fake" a pass. We have enjoyed every Saturday out at the fields and cheering them on!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Dustin Turns 30!!!!!

YAY!!! Dustin turned 30 last week!!! So I had the hardest time ever this year..... Not only WHAT to buy him but WHAT to do for his party!?!?! I wanted to do something really big and exciting but it was so hard since we just got back from our 2 big trips. Technically the BSU Tickets were his gift but I still felt like I needed to do something because 30 is such a BIG deal. Right?!?!? All he wanted was a Poker Party with his buddies so that's what he got. I totally forgot to take pictures during the party (I was a little busy hosting... and playing with all the babies) but here are some pics I was able to squeeze in... at midnight (as you can see from the picture of me in my sweats). Almost all of our friends were able to stop by and we had a blast!
Sunday night we had a family BBQ with Aunt Kirsten, his parents, and mine. Tyler and Tanner were able to teach Grammy and Crappa how to play the Wii.
And of course Grandma Olson made EVERYONES favorite.... BLACK FOREST CAKE!!!